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Maroccan Mint tea

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Green tea

Green Menthos (Mint note)

green tea, crisped mint, natural crisped mint flavouring


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Fruit tea blend Melba Peach


Ingredients: apple cubes, carrot flakes, pineapple cubes (pineapple, sugar), freeze-dried peach pieces (peach, sugar), flavouring, rose petals, safflower.

Infusion 5-10 min

La Via del Tè
Infused peach and apple


The infusions are mainly composed of karkadè and rosehip berries, to which the pieces of dehydrated fruit, citrus peel, flowers, spices and aromas are added according to the creativity of the tea-blender. They are free of caffeine and therefore suitable for the whole family, diuretics and digestive. Dissolving in the summer and invigorating in the winter. Karkadè, rose hip, rind of the head, apple and peach in pieces, marigold, aromas are the ingredients of this blend.

Orange grapefruit


Preparation: Brew 1 litre of the herb tea blend with boiling water and let steep for at least 15 minutes. Wait until it is completely cooled down. Slice the grapefruit, cut the slices into quarters and add them to the tea together with the tonic water. Serve the drink on ice and decorate with some thyme. This tangy drink is a sparkling refreshment.

Upgrade: GIN & TONIC

As an afterwork refresher: Prepare the drink as described above and add 2 cl gin per glass. Gin&Tonic&Tea!


10 heaped herb tea blend "Orange Grapefruit"500 ml Tonic Water

1 Grapefruit


crushed ice or ice cubes