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Camelia was born in 2011 from an idea by Anna Albini, the owner of the shop.

Anna, a former art teacher graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and now the owner of the shop, has always been fascinated by the seductive world of herbs and spices, therefore she decided to open Camelia store which dedicates an important space to leaf tea, infusions and spices. Camellia Sinensis is the name of the tea plant, from here the name given to the shop: "Camelia"

Camelia is very proud to be the Corner Shop of products selected all over the world by "La via del tè", a company that has been standing for quality and expertise in Italy and abroad for over fifty years.

From that Corner starts a journey into the world of taste, through tea and spices which brings us aromas and flavors of distant countries, pleasantly combined with excellent products of the Italian craft tradition.

Treat yourself to small daily pleasures or share them with your loved ones.

120 qualities of leaf tea, herbal teas and infusions, teapots, cups and all accessories for making tea.

60 types of Spices and Herbs.


Camelia is a grocery store: many are the specialties from chocolate and candies, coffee, jams, and honey, homemade biscuits, confectionery and savory products, to wine and oil, all carefully selected.

Camelia is also for celebrations: with the excellent confectionary of Giovanni Mucci, and the proposals of Food Favors box of sweets and many other proposals related to spices, flavouring and seasoning.

Camelia Store along with La via del tè ceramics, offers a nice selection of English and Japanese cups and bowls.

Camelia Textile offers Provencal stain-resistant tablecloths, beautiful cotton tablecloths, table runners, kitchen linen, blankets and sofa covers, and the classic Foutà cotton sheets, and above all a small own production with the possibility of tailor-made packaging.

Camelia, a small world of beautiful and delicious things.