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Prato Biscuits - also commonly known as cantucci or cantuccini - are part of the Tuscany confectionery tradition that sees them as a perfect end meal in combination with Vinsanto. 

In 2013, a new recipe with dark chocolate drops is added to the traditional recipe of Prato Almond Biscuits. 

Prepared with flour, sugar, dark chocolate and eggs - they do not contain preservatives, animal fats or vegetable fats. 

Recommended pairings: 

port or marsala. 

For a snack or breakfast with coffee or tea.

La Via del Tè
Tè nero White Christmas


Irresistible with biscuits or freshly baked pie on the attack, followed by wood notes, tea-based pastry

Gr 2/3 in 200 cc. Of natural mineral water at a temperature of 90. Infusion time 3-4 min.

Great tea for the afternoon. Drink pure.

To accompany the classic party desserts, excellent with pandoro or panettone.