PayPal is the fast, secure and simple to use payment system, which allows you to make purchases with the maximum protection.

With PayPal your financial information remains protected. Credit card and bank account information is never shared with CameliaShop online and you are completely protected against unauthorized payments made from your account.

It's very easy! In addition, with PayPal you can choose to pay for your purchases with your credit card, bank account, PayPal Credit or with the balance available on your PayPal account. The order will be successful only once you will be redirected to the CameliaShop online website after the transaction.

ATTENTION: do not close the PayPal page after canceling the transaction.

The customer will receive a message confirming the payment by email.

IMPORTANT: no banking data (credit card number, security code) is registered by CameliaShop online, which does not have access to banking information.