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Mondo di Laura
"Raggi di Sole" - Honey Cookies with Raisins and oat flakes


Born from the creative inspiration of Laura Raccah expert pastry globetrotter, handmade cookies with lots of love, kosher certificates, free of preservatives, free of milk and its derivatives, composed only with quality ingredients qi Chocolate biscuits are Vegan.

The presence of oatmeal, sweetened by Italian honey, with raisins and sesame, give the right amount of energy you need when you wake up. Organic flour and cane sugar make it a genuine and light biscuit. A crispy biscuit and perfect to start the day with a smile.

Apicoltura Le Querce
Italian Acacia Honey


Harvested at springtime in Piedmont woods, acacia honey is among the most appreciated by the consumers. Light color, it stays in a liquid state for a long time, acacia honey has a sweet and delicate taste. It is recommended to sweeten every kind of drink, yoghurt, or combined with blue cheese.

Riso Acquerello
Acquerello Rice


The Acquerello rice is considered among the best in the world. Organoleptic perfection, quality, excellent cooking resistance. These characteristics mean that the Acquerello rice is synonymous with Italian excellence.

Acquerello combines simplicity in cooking white rice with the most important nutritional elements contained only in brown rice.

The gem is the vital part of the rice, and contains the majority of vitamins and microelements. During processing, the gem is separated from the grain, but thanks to a patented process in Acquerello is reintegrated. To combine the taste of white rice with the nutritious elements of brown rice.

Organic Pumpkin Mustard


The classic Cremona mustard, handcrafted by the Luccini family, with candied pumpkins from organic farming dipped in glucose syrup flavored with mustard.

Mostarda that stands out for being prepared with pieces of whole fruit, has a clean, spicy but delicate flavor.

It goes very well with stuffed pasta or with soft cheeses.

240 g