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Black tea Rajasthan


Blend of Indian black Assam tea and spices (cardamom, cinnamon, pink pepper, etc.) inspired by a traditional recipe of Chai, one of the Indian national drinks. There are a thousand variations for its preparation and for the spices to be added, even if basic cardamom, cinnamon and pepper are never lacking. Strong, sweet and intense, ideal with sugar and milk.

La Via del Tè
King of Puerh


Unique Chinese specialty, Pu erh tea undergoes a process that leads it to undergo microbial fermentation after inhibition of enzymatic oxidation starting from raw material that is green tea. Large leaves are harvested from tea bushes of an ancient variety and detail of Camellia Sinensis. It is a highly reputed tea in China for its medicinal properties, some of which, such as the help in reducing the so-called bad LDL cholesterol have been investigated by Western medicine. It is the only tea that is traditionally matured, a bit like some cheeses or cured meats, in humidity controlled environments, to increase their scent and sweetness. It comes in addition to leaf in the form of pressed tea and in China and America, Pu Erh old 30-40 years achieve truly considerable numbers.The King of Pu Erh is a Pu Erh dissolved in leaves of superior quality, clearly visible the apical gems.

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Colazione da Tiffany


A fragrant blend based on the Japanese green tea Sencha, a Chinese green tea, embellished with yellow rose buds, mallow petals and calendula and crystals of yellow sugar candy, naturally colored with herbal infusions and resembling topaz.

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Whitw tea Secret Moon


Soave blend of white Pai Mu Tan tea, whose name means White Peony, red rosebuds and rose petals. The softness of this tea enhances its sweet aroma, with light notes of cinnamon. A tea to make us dream of distant countries.

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Dolce Vita


A tribute to the unforgettable film: a sweet mixture of green tea, whole fruits of red currants, pieces of raspberry, flowers of cornflower, pink pepper berries enriched with the intense aroma of Maqui Berry, the giant blueberry of Patagonia.

Pastificio Agricolo Mancini


This pasta is produced from durum wheat cultivated directly by the company. Semolina and pasta are the only ingredients. We use circular bronze die plates and we dry pasta at temperatures lower than 44°C, taking about 20 hours for short pasta and about 40 hours for long pasta. Paccheri have a diameter of 30 mm and a length of 50 mm. Their cooking time is between 12 and 14 minutes.

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Sogno di una Geisha


Refined, elegant blend of Bancha and Sencha Japanese green teas, cornflower petals, sunflower and red roses enriched with small pieces of strawberry and the enveloping scent of lemon and mango, long lingering in the mouth.

DULCEY 32% Blond Bar


Reamy and Toasty

Blond Dulcey chocolate boasts an enticingly creamy texture. The intense biscuit flavor is sweet yet not too sugary and finishes with generous notes of shortbread with a dash of salt.