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2 tea cups + Small Plats

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The "Tue" collection was designed to offer a product that is fun and yet functional at the same time, with which to bring the best out of the raw material - in other words, a useful instrument for food design.


HEIGHT - 60 mm DIAMETER - 93 mm DIAMETER - plate - 143 mm

ABINAO 85% Noir Bar


Powerful and Tannic

Dark Assemblage de Grands Crus.

Very high Abinao cocoa content that creates a bitter chocolate maintained by potent tannins and pure raw bean flavor.

70 g BAR

Apicoltura Le Querce
Acacia Honey


Harvested at springtime in Piedmont woods, acacia honey is among the most appreciated by the consumers. Light color, it stays in a liquid state for a long time, acacia honey has a sweet and delicate taste. It is recommended to sweeten every kind of drink, yoghurt, or combined with blue cheese.

African Rub


It is a dry mixture of spices and balanced herbs so as to blend into a single aroma, without one predominating over the other. Born in South Africa to flavor the grilled meat during the safari, it gives the meat a strong and unforgettable flavor. Very suitable for massaging and breading meat to be put on the grill. Alternatively, you can add some to your meat stews or couscous. On average, use about 2 teaspoonfuls for 4 people.Ingredients: thyme, pepper, garlic, bay leaf, turmeric, Cassia cinnamon, cane sugar, salt, cumin, kummel, coriander, cardamom, mustard, ginger, jamaica pepper, parsley, onion, chili, nutmeg.

Le Piantagioni del Caffè
Alto Palomar


Notes of honey, toasted almond and sweet tobacco. Harmonious sweetness.

A triple certified coffee (Organic, Fair Trade and CSC), rich in quality and in history.The Cooperativa Agraria Cafetalera Ecologica Alto Palomar has today about 120 farmers growing coffee according to the strict criteria of the organic farming. The coffee is handpicked and processed on-site in the full respect of the ethnic, social, ethical and environmental values of the cultivation area and of its population.The Fair Trade certification testifies the support given by this coffee to the social development and the local economic viability.Its hints of honey, toasted almond and sweet tobacco go along with a rich body and a delicate acidity. Its cocoa finish will delight you long after the last sip.

Its character makes it ideal for an unblended espresso at any time of day, but it also makes a perfect companion to haute patisserie at breakfast.

La Via del Tè


Fine quality black tea, orthodox manufacturing process, fine pluckingof 1 bud and two leaves , a blend from Assam estates.Assam tea region , in northeast India, on the banks of Brahmaputra river, is the home country of Assamese tea variety,discovered by British around 1820 . A classic, full-bodied tea, well known worldwide.The letters stand for : Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe.

La Via del Tè
Bancha Fiorito


One of the top-seller blend at La Via del Tè, since 20 years. A perfect creation of Bancha green tea, Jasmine scented tea and flavours. Suitable to encourage green tea appreciation. The very low caffeine content makes it a winner blend and the flowery-fruity flavour is pleasant to every one.

Black sesame seeds


Rich in vitamins, a plant source of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and iron, Sesamo Nero seeds are a functional food for a healthy and natural nutrition. They have a high content of vegetable proteins, amino acids, and above all calcium, they play a restorative and fortifying function of the bones and tissues. Sesame seeds develop and amplify their unique flavor during roasting, which gives a special touch to bread and crackers.In Japanese and Chinese cuisine, they are used on rice, fish or vegetables.

La Via del Tè
Black tea 1961


1961 is a blend of black teas created specifically to celebrate the 50th anniversary of La Via del Tè.An ideal journey between two of the major tea producing countries, India and Ceylon, which sums up the brand's history, giving rise to an intense and aromatic blend of citrus fruit, which reinterprets tradition with contemporary sensitivity and passion.