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It is a mixture of spices, typical of Yemen. It is used for bread and focaccia. It is perfect emulsified with olive oil to obtain a thick sauce perfect for dipping bread or raw vegetables (pinzimonio) Similarly in this sauce we can marinate meat or fish. If you want it more crispy, for example to add to a salad, you can previously toast it slowly in a pot. Ingredients: Oregano, Thyme, Somacco, White Sesame, Salt (3%).

Wings of angel


The angel hair chillies are medium-hot peppers with a warm and aromatic flavor that are cut very thinly, like hair. With this particular processing they are perfect for garnishing dishes of meat, fish, pasta or vegetables but also desserts, cocktails or hot chocolate.

Wild oregano from Crete


Wild oregano is an aromatic perennial plant with an intense aroma that gives the best of itself dried.Wild oregano harmonizes with many dishes. It is a spice typical of Mediterranean cuisine. It is the main dish on Pizza, tomato salads and sauces and vegetables. It is used in Greece for the preparation of lamb.

La Via del Tè
Whitw tea Secret Moon


Soave blend of white Pai Mu Tan tea, whose name means White Peony, red rosebuds and rose petals. The softness of this tea enhances its sweet aroma, with light notes of cinnamon. A tea to make us dream of distant countries.

White Chocolate with Pistachio


A delicious contrast between the sweetness and the milk aroma that characterizes white chocolate and whole, toasted and lightly salted pistachios.

Perfect tablet for those who have a refined palate and are looking for a pinch of salty in the midst of sweetness.