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Rooibos Red Africa

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Blend of Rooibos, orange peel, raspberry and citrus-scented flowers.The basic Rooibos comes from cultivations certified by Organic Farming. Free of caffeine, remineralizing, Rooibos gives a red drink in the cup, naturally sweet taste, suitable for the whole family


rooibos (Sus Africa), blueberry berries, 3% mandarin flavor, orange peel, 1% raspberry, 1% bergamot flavor, 0.5% safflower flowers.
Sud Africa
Rust Red
Wood, spicy notes, hot and longlasting
Very pleasant, mild, round taste
2-3 gr. Per 150 cc. Of natural mineral water at 90°C. Infusion time 4-5 minutes, Someone prepare it by decoction. A
When and how
A perfect all day drink, suitable for all family. Drink plain or with milk.
Fruit cakes, apple pie, cookies

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La Via del Tè
Rooibos African Dream


Blend of herbs designed to help children recover after sporting activities and heavy days: with rooibos, apple, jasmine and vanilla and caramel flavoring. Rooibos, Asphalatus Linearis, is an excellent remineralizing product, also suitable for children free of caffeine.

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A perfect gluttony blend for a moment of relaxation: Rooibos enriched with small pieces of coconut and sunflower petals, with the sweet scent of glazed chestnut. Rooibos is a drink suitable for everyone, as it is totally caffeine free. In addition, the naturally sweet taste makes it pleasant even for childre

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Also known as red tea, is not a true tea, because it does not come from Camellia sinensis, but is the product of processing of the aerial parts and twigs of Asphalatus linearis, a shrub which grows mainly in South Africa. Initially used  by the local population is national drunk nowadays in South Africa.No caffeine at all, the drink is currently being studied in many universities for its helthy properties.It is considered a veritable mine of antioxidants and is used to soothe aching abdominal colic , expecially of babies.

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A mixture of herbs specifically for physical recovery based on Rooibos, known for its remineralizing and caffeine-free properties. Also suitable for children who are appreciated for their naturally sweet taste, with light wooden notes. Here they join the Roiboos i pieces of apple, almond and almond, cinnamon and vanilla flavor

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Colorful mixture of rooibos, flower petals, orange peel, strawberry in pieces, red currant and elderberry flavored intense red fruits, pomegranate and peach. Rooibos is a drink suitable for everyone, as it is totally free of caffeine. In addition, the naturally sweet taste makes it pleasant even for children.