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Amaro Aranciù all'arancia

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Amaro Arànciu is born from the infusion of aromatic herbs and the best Sicilian red orange peels, a bitter with a dry character and a strong taste from the very first sip.

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Domenis 1898
Sambuca Storica


The quality of star anise, an ancient ingredient in many cultures including the Italian one, is the true heart of this historic Friulian Sambuca.

Sweet and decisive liqueur with the typical aroma of anise. Rightly sweet, perfect in the balance of sugars, alcohol and the main ingredient, anise. Ice and traditional coffee bean: this is the right way to taste Storica Sambuca.

40% - 0.70 l

Domenis 1898
Bitter Storica


Not a simple bitter, a refined liqueur, obtained from the infusion and distillation of about 20 plant essences, extracted from fruits, flowers and roots.

35% - 70 cl

Domenis 1898
Storica Riserva 50 cl


Our grappa aged in antique oak barrels illuminates the glass with its amber color. Defined aromas, immense in variety and depth, tactile sensations that can only be experienced during the tasting of this aged distillate.

Amber in color, it fascinates with its determined and sincere aromas. It remains on the palate with a typical intensity, elegant in duration and in the finesse of the olfactory scents.

Domenis 1898
Storica Nera 50cl


A refined and elegant Grappa, for those who ask for refinement of aromas and long persistence. For connoisseurs who know how to indulge in the slow pleasures of life.

Grappa with a limpid and crystalline appearance, it has a rich and fine nose, rigorous in the scents. Soft taste. Harmonious aftertaste and characterized by a round and balanced bouquet.


Domenis 1898
Storica Bianca 50 cl


A timeless distillate that all grappa lovers know perfectly well. The absolute best in the art of distillation. For meditation and royal after-dinner.

Clear and crystalline in appearance, fine to the nose. Strong in intensity, characterized by an intense and articulated aromatic outfit. Dry taste. Harmonious in persistence.


Domenis 1898
Herbs Bitter Storica Verde


Pleasantly sweet and slightly spicy liqueur obtained from the slow maceration of selected plants and aromatic herbs in alcohol.

The low alcohol content gives an elegant balance, but also a prolonged pleasant persistence. The refined plant components give it the fresh aroma that sets it apart, making it so versatile at the same time.

20% - 0,75 l

Amaro Limìa al limone


Amaro Lumìa is born from the infusion of aromatic herbs and the best peel of Sicilian lemons, with a unique and elegant taste with an amber color.

Drunk cold after meals, it facilitates digestion and gives a pleasant feeling of well-being.

Domenis 1898
Luce di Uve - Refosco - 50cl


A classic of grappas from a single grape variety. The frank and refined aromas on the nose accompany the evident, elegant and long taste in the mouth. A distillate with a moderate alcohol content suitable for those looking for the sense of a long tradition in grappa.

Colorless, limpid and crystalline grappa. The scents on the nose are frank and fragrant, elegant and fine. The taste remains very persistent and balanced. Thanks to the pomace of black grapes and their particular alcoholic fermentation, the resulting distillate is characterized by a round and balanced bouquet.

Domenis 1898
Luce di Uve - Ribolla Gialla - 50cl


From the marcs of Ribolla Gialla we obtain this limpid and crystalline grappa. Every organoleptic characteristic of the raw material of origin is retained for a frank and fragrant perfume. The moderate alcohol content does not preclude its persistence, making it a product with an intense and articulated aromatic outfit, suitable for any end of meal.