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Sicilian Red Orange Bitter Amara

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Amara is a Sicilian infusion of blood orange, an infusion of herbs, water obtained by osmosis, sugar.

The best Sicilian blood orange peels harvested between Catania and Etna meet an infusion of aromatic herbs and sugar:  Amara is born, a natural amaro with a unique and decisive taste, with a clear and golden color, produced in small quantities, in a traditional way and without additives. With its Mediterranean smells, each bottle embodies the love for Sicily.

Excellent to drink at the end of a meal or at any refreshing moment.


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Domenis 1898
Boxed Grappa Storica Nera


Distilled grappa, according to ancient artisan tradition, from the renowned pomace of black berried grapes of Merlot, Cabernet and Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso from the Eastern Hills of Friuli.

Grappa with a limpid and crystalline appearance, it has a rich and fine nose, rigorous in its scents. Harmonious aftertaste and characterized by a round and balanced bouquet.

Alcohol 50% Bottle 500 ml.

Domenis 1898
Botanic Bitter Amaro Trittico


This Friulian bitter is obtained from wisely selected herbal tinctures, barks, roots and essential oils.

The result is a very pleasant bitterness, with a balanced sugar content and an alcohol content suitable for enhancing the citrusy part of the aroma. Fruits, flowers and roots that compose it tell a recipe made of unique flavors and scents that distinguish the taste of botanic bitter.

It is ideal as an aperitif, even mixed, intense even when tasted cold. A new and modern approach to the classic "amaro".

70 cl

Domenis 1898
Herbs Bitter Storica Verde


Pleasantly sweet and slightly spicy liqueur obtained from the slow maceration of selected plants and aromatic herbs in alcohol.

The low alcohol content gives an elegant balance, but also a prolonged pleasant persistence. The refined plant components give it the fresh aroma that sets it apart, making it so versatile at the same time.

20% - 0,75 l

My Spirits
Gin Apium London Dry


Produced in England by a historic company famous for its gins, Apium Gin is the classic London Dry style, delicate and light with a hint of lavender on the finish. Perfect as a work gin, but also ready for the most well-stocked bottle

Gradation 40% - 0,7 l

Domenis 1898
Bitter Storica


Not a simple bitter, a refined liqueur, obtained from the infusion and distillation of about 20 plant essences, extracted from fruits, flowers and roots.

35% - 70 cl



Beermouth is an innovative product and, at the same time, it is strongly inspired by tradition. It results from the combination between a beer with a strong personality and structure and a mix of very carefully selected (and very secret) spices and herbs, extracted using the most advanced techniques. 

A spirit with a beautiful amber color. It has scents of spices and moderately balsamic notes. The taste is elegant and well balanced, with a citrusy touch, a persistent and pleasantly acidic finish. It is excellent on its own or at the end of a meal... And mixed in a cocktail!

0,5 l - 19%

Domenis 1898
Sambuca Storica


The quality of star anise, an ancient ingredient in many cultures including the Italian one, is the true heart of this historic Friulian Sambuca.

Sweet and decisive liqueur with the typical aroma of anise. Rightly sweet, perfect in the balance of sugars, alcohol and the main ingredient, anise. Ice and traditional coffee bean: this is the right way to taste Storica Sambuca.

40% - 0.70 l

Domenis 1898
Muscat White Grappa


The Domenis Moscato White Grappa is a young aromatic grappa, characterized by the typical varietal aromas of the Moscato grape. The nose is delicate and fragrant, the taste is soft, pleasant and velvety, with good elegance and persistence.

40% - 70 cl

Domenis 1898
Boxed Grappa Storica Bianca


Distilled grappa, according to ancient artisan tradition, from the renowned pomace of white berried grapes of Verduzzo, Tocai, Pinot Bianco, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon and Picolit from the best wineries of the Colli Orientali del Friuli and Collio.

With a limpid and crystalline appearance, with a fine nose. Strong in intensity, characterized by an intense and articulated aromatic complement. Harmonious in persistence.

Alcohol 50% Bottle 500 ml.

Vecchio Magazzino Doganale
Jefferson Amaro Importante


The Amaro Importante "Jefferson" of the Vecchio Magazzino Doganale is a revelation of the world of Italian liqueur: a handcrafted amaro produced from natural infusions of herbs, spices and citrus fruits respecting the most ancient Calabrian traditions. It has an intense and authentic flavor, well balanced between the bitter notes of herbs and the sweetness of citrus fruits.

30% - 0,70 l with box.