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Teapot Atmosphere Set

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Teapot (600 ml) with metal infuser and 2 (160 ml) cups in porcelain. 

with gift box. 

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"La Piccola" Iron Teatpot


The art of cast iron working was born in ancient China and the production of teapots is one of the finest achievements of this ancient technique.

The teapots, from the forms to the friezes are very diverse and they are the result of an almost exclusively hand-made handicraft workmanship. It starts with drawings, through clay molds and comes to life when casting in high-temperature furnaces.Most models contain a stainless steel filter for the infusion of the leaves. If you use the teapot to boil water, it is recommended that you remove the filter during boiling and use a flame spreader between the pot and the gas flame.

The cast iron used for our teapots is treated in such a way as to remove any impurities during the production process. The pots are then glazed inside in order to preserve the cast iron and to ensure its durability. The external coating is painted with certified ecological paints.


Yvonne Ellen
Cockatoo and Zebra Teapot


What do a zebra and a pink cockatoo have in common? When they appear in the idiosyncratic design of Yvonne Ellen's Zebra cocktail teapot, that's what. Appearing on a background of rose pink this traditionally shaped Cockatoo and Zebra Teapot is a total design departure.


Dimensions - H16 x L21 x D14.5cm

Dishwasher Safe - No - hand wash only

Material - Bone china

Microwave Safe - NO

Yvonne Ellen
Carnival Giraffes Teapot


A one of a kind Carnival Giraffes Teapot with gilt gold detailing, powder blue colouring and striped lid.

The teapot is made from high quality fine bone china.

This traditionally shaped pot is the perfect size for 4 - 5 good cups of tea.


Dimensions - H16 x L21 x D14.5cm

Hand wash only

Material - Bone china

Yvonne Ellen
Parrot and Flaming Tea for One Set


Two of Yvonne Ellen's trademark birds - a bright as you please pink flamingo and a gold coloured cockatoo sporting an orange plume - combine on this Parrot and Flamingo tea for one set. Gold polka dots, on the white background and another Yvonne Ellen signature, the bumblebee on the saucer rim, make taking tea for one an absolute delight.


Dimensions - H16 x W16.5 X D12cm

Material - Bone china, hand wash only.