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Boschis Francesco

Langhe Freisa DOC - Bosco delle Cicale 2019

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Langhe Freisa DOC “Bosco delle Cicale” di Boschis Francesco prende il nome dal vitigno cru in cui ha origine il vino, la zona è quella di Pianezzo, nel comune Dogliani. Il vino è fatto a partire da uve freisa in purezza, un vitigno molto interessante, portatore di note speziate e imprevedibili. Le vigne sono almeno a 500 m sul livello del mare e il terreno che le ospita è di matrice calcarea e argillosa. Ne risulta un vino dal grande naso e dal palato vibrante.

Si presenta di un bel colore rosso ciliegia, intenso e luminoso; al naso è spezia vivace su fondo fruttato e fiorito, note di viola e fragola. Al palato è morbido, invitante, intrigante, vigoroso, ha un lungo finale ammandorlato.

È adatto a pietanze grasse, salumi, formaggi, sapori forti. Noi lo consigliamo con involtino di cavolo verza con verdure su fonduta.

13,5 % - 0,75 l


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La Montecchia
Particella 200 - Cabernet Franc Veneto IGT


The Veneto Cabernet Franc IGT "Particella 200" of the La Montecchia company is obtained from Cabernet Franc grapes grown on medium-textured clay soils, with trachytic outcrops and slate. After maturing in steel and vitrified concrete barrels, it ages at least two months before being marketed. A wine with great balance and drinkability, it is ample and stands out for its lively freshness.

Intense ruby ​​red color. The nose is fine; fruity hints of blackberries and blueberries dominate, followed by those of spices. On the palate it is soft, full-bodied and pleasant to drink, persistent.

Excellent in combination with grilled, grilled or roasted red meats, it also goes well with first courses and aged cheeses.

12.5% ​​- 0.75 l

Castello di Verduno
Barbera d'Alba DOC 2018


Castello di Verduno wanted to propose a fresh and fragrant version of a grape that is the symbol of Piedmont. Barbera d’Alba DOCG 2016 is produced with the exclusive use of steel containers in order to obtain a red that enhances one of the peculiarities of the grape, acidity.

Intense ruby ​​red color with violet reflections opens to a delicate nose of red fruit aromas. Immediate aroma of violet surrounded by sweet notes of blackberries, plums and cherries. In the mouth, an excellent taste-olfactory correspondence and a pleasant acid vein allow you to fully appreciate the peculiarities of the grape.

Perfect for first and second courses based on meat, especially in combination with a succulent grilled fillet.

13% - 0.75 l

Cabernet Sauvignon - Marca Trevigiana IGT


Variety 100% Cabernet Sauvignon

Ruby red in color, on the nose it gives aromas of plum and cranberry, floral notes of violets and roses as well as a hint of vanilla.Balanced taste with smooth tannins. Soft fruity returns play with freshness.

It goes well with spit-roasted and grilled meats, roasts and cold cuts.

Alcohol 12.5% 

Diego Conterno
Dolcetto d'Alba DOC 2019


The recipe for the perfect everyday wine? Smoothness, light aromas and great satisfaction on the palate. Here is Diego Conterno's Dolcetto d’Alba DOC, which sums up all these pleasant characteristics in the bottle. The grapes macerate with the skins for about 7-8 days, and then continue with the ripening phase, carried out both in steel and in cement. The vinous and fruity scents that can be felt on the nose and in the mouth represent the peculiarity of this wine that should be drunk young, to be able to fully enjoy its maximum expressiveness.

Upon visual examination it shows an iridescent color between ruby ​​and purple. The nose is fresh and intense, characterized by the typical vinous hints accompanied by more fruity sensations of blackberry and plum. In the mouth it is well structured, lively and lean, with an excellent balance.

It is a versatile wine for combinations, suitable for everyday cooking. It goes well with both first and second courses.

13% - 0.75 l

Fedrizzi Cipriano
Teroldigo - Teroldego Rotaliano 2019


An expression in purity of the autochthonous red berried Teroldego, born in the historical area of ​​its highest qualitative elevation: the Piana Rotaliana. The vineyards are quite old, are over fifty years old, and are grown at an altitude of over 200 meters above the sea level; the soil is of a deep alluvial type.

The 'Teroldigo' Fedrizzi Cipriano has been defined by the same producer as an 'ancient wine, with a modern drink'. It is produced with Teroldego grapes and appears to the eye in an intense ruby ​​color. On the palate it is satisfying, velvety and harmonious. On the nose it opens up to ripe fruity sensations and light spicy nuances.

13% - 0.75 l

Pinot Nero - Oltrepò Pavese DOC


Oltrepò Pavese and Pinot Nero, a special bond.

From the vinification of Pinot Noir grapes comes Moretto, a bright red wine. The bouquet is elegant, intense, fragrant, with spicy and black currant notes. Well balanced, soft and persistent Pinot Noir.

It is recommended with meat dishes and aged cheeses. Excellent as an aperitif.

Tenute Orestiadi
La Gelsomina - Etna Rosso DOC


"La Gelsomina" from the Tenute Orestiadi winery is an Etna Rosso DOC with a strong and decisive character, coming from one of the best company vineyards. "La Gelsomina" was born on the slopes of Etna, at about 500 meters above sea level, and is the result of a blend of Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio grapes, grown on the typical soils of volcanic earth.

In the glass it is ruby ​​red with bright garnet reflections. The nose reveals fruity and floral scents, with ripe red fruit in evidence. In the mouth it enters soft and harmonious, perfectly in line with the nose.

Aging in steel for 2 months, then in tonneaux and barriques in French Allier for 15 months and in bottle for at least 4 months.

A blend of Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio that becomes Etna Rosso DOC. A wine with a strong character, which embodies the best characteristics of the Volcano.

13.5% - 0.75 l

Tenute Orestiadi
Perricone 2019


The Perricone DOC, the only autochthonous red grape variety of the province of Trapani, has an aromatic bouquet of red berries mixed with hints of black pepper and Mediterranean spices on the nose, elegant and fruity soft palate with dense sensations of wild berries, sumptuous, persistent finish; vinification for about 8 months in steel and completes the aging for at least 10 months in the bottle horizontally, perfect for fresh cheeses, macaroni with pork ragout, lamb chops, trapanese rolls.

14% - 0.75 l

Tenute Orestiadi
Nero d’Avola - DOC Sicilia


The Nero d'Avola of La Selezione Tenute Orestiadi grows near the old Gibellina. Black earth, as strong as the character of this wine with unforgettable notes.

Nose: Wide and elegant, enriched with mineral and forest fruit notes integrated with delicate hints of morello cherry

Palate: Delicate with soft and well balanced tannins. The aftertaste is fruity, harmonious, long and persistent

Pairings: Aged cheeses, stewed meats, plat's with red tuna.

Tenute Orestiadi
Sirah - Terre siciliane IGP


A surprising and unexpected Syrah: the PaxMentis, from slightly withered grapes, unhinges the clichés on this international variety, thanks not only to the cultivation in a particularly suitable territory, but also to an obsolete vinification method.

Nose: Mix of notes of freshly picked sweet red fruits, plum, cherries in alcohol and vanilla.

Palate: Austere but at the same time gives a sumptuous and intriguing fragrance finish

Pairings: Pasta with vegetables, semi-mature cheeses, mixed grilled meat, baked lamb.

Vignaioli di Scansano
Morellino di Scansano Roggiano DOCG


Morellino di Scansano Roggiano has a full ruby ​​color, rich in chromatic matter, enlivened by purple reflections. The olfactory bouquet is characterized by character and pleasantness, breadth and depth, with fruity, floral and spicy notes suffused with hints of undergrowth. The enjoyment of the tasting does not lack anything in terms of persistence and balance: the tannins are well present but elegant, subtle, balanced, together with the freshness, with a fruity roundness.

Pairing: on savory first courses and second courses of red meat or game.

Cascina Carlòt
Viù - Langhe Nebbiolo DOC 2020


The wine is produced in one of the most evocative wine-growing areas in Italy and in the world: the Langhe. The cuvée is composed only of Nebbiolo grapes, the princes grapes of the Piedmont area. After careful harvesting and selection of the grapes, on vines with an average age of 40 years at 350 meters above sea level, in clayey soils with sandy marls, they are macerated and fermented for 10 to 15 days in steel tanks at a controlled temperature. Subsequently, the wine is aged for 4 months in steel barrels, and after bottling, it rests in the bottle for a period of 6 months.

It has an intense ruby ​​red with violet reflections. Very fruity, delicate bouquet with an unmistakable hint of violet. In the mouth it is dry, harmonious and pleasantly bitter. Structured and elegant due to its right acid balance, it is a ready-to-drink wine. Being a versatile wine it is recommended to combine with any meal.

13.5% - 0.75 l

Vadiaperti - Traerte
Campania Aglianico IGT 2018


He did not make wood, but carried out both the vinification and aging processes in steel tanks. Despite this, this Campania Aglianico has excellent longevity, and manages to maintain a beautiful balance between all the organoleptic components that characterize it. Structured and powerful on the one hand, it remains harmonious and fine on the other.

Ruby red to the eye. It has intense hints of red fruit on the nose, followed by a slight and subtle spiciness. Responding to the nose during the tasting phase, it shows structure, body, freshness and the right tannins.

To be paired with meat-based main courses, it is excellent with skewered pork shank.

13.5% - 0.75 l

Marzemino - Trentino DOC 2019


Battistotti's Trentino Marzemino DOC, obtained from carefully selected grapes which, after crushing-destemming, are subjected to maceration for about a week in order to extract the color and fragrance that characterize the product from the skins, is a wine of great balance. , with delicate aromas and a straightforward and genuine sip. Very pleasant.

Ruby red tending to purplish. The nose is expressed with hints of blackberry and raspberry and notes of violet. On the palate it has a good body, velvety and persistent.

Excellent in combination with polenta with mushrooms, roast pork with vegetables and braised veal, it also goes well with chicken on the spit.

13% - 0.75 l

Cascina Gilli
Malvasia - Castelnuovo Don Bosco DOC


The Malvasia di Castelnuovo Don Bosco DOC by Cascina Gilli, the true main wine of the whole denomination, is in fact second to any sweet sparkling wine in Italy. It is a wine of great character, refreshing and satisfying. Obtained from one of the most interesting aromatic grape varieties in Italy, Malvasia di Schierano, it is characterized by a very particular combination of freshness and density of aromas.

Ruby red with purple reflections, it has a lively and colorful foam. The nose is characterized by gentle aromas of berries, but also of wisteria, iris, citrus. In the mouth it is pleasantly sweet, not tired and on the contrary, invites you to return continuously to the glass. The low alcohol content is never a limit, it is fresh and refreshing, persistent and tasty.

An easy wine to drink even so, chatting amiably with friends after dinner. However, its ideal combination is with desserts that are not too heavy, such as a tart with cherry jam.

5.5% - 0.75 l