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King of Puerh

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Unique Chinese specialty, Pu erh tea undergoes a process that leads it to undergo microbial fermentation after inhibition of enzymatic oxidation starting from raw material that is green tea. Large leaves are harvested from tea bushes of an ancient variety and detail of Camellia Sinensis. It is a highly reputed tea in China for its medicinal properties, some of which, such as the help in reducing the so-called bad LDL cholesterol have been investigated by Western medicine. It is the only tea that is traditionally matured, a bit like some cheeses or cured meats, in humidity controlled environments, to increase their scent and sweetness. It comes in addition to leaf in the form of pressed tea and in China and America, Pu Erh old 30-40 years achieve truly considerable numbers.The King of Pu Erh is a Pu Erh dissolved in leaves of superior quality, clearly visible the apical gems.

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CINA, Prov.Yunnan
Very dark red liver
Unique and penetrating of wood, damp earth, mold, notes of moss
A velvety thickness as a texture and a surprising sweetness, with light notes of wood and licorice
Gr 2/3 200 cc. Of natural mineral water at a temperature of 90 °. 4-5 min. Infusion time. Excellent prepared with the Gongfu method or in Gaiwan, the traditional cup with lid.
When and how
Dopopasto, Dine
Important cheeses, stewed meats, patés. Comparable to a Sauternes, among the wines