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Apicoltura Le Querce

Italian Polyflora Honey

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This Wild Flower Honey is harvested in Piedmont, Emilia-Romagna and Calabria, where forager bees vary their diet and choose between a great biological diversity of plant species. Indeed, this is a product to discover year after year.


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Apicoltura Le Querce
Italian Forest Honey


This Honey of Metcalfa is a unique product used in surprising recipes: in association with fresh and more aged cheese, salted butter on bread, but also with freshwater fish and spicy meat in oriental dishes. Thanks to its peculiar consistency, this honey is served as well with pannacotta and ice creams, and it is used to sweeten coffee and barley coffee. It is ideal in the preparation of barbecue sauces in combination with ketchup.

Apicoltura Le Querce
Italian Acacia Honey


Harvested at springtime in Piedmont woods, acacia honey is among the most appreciated by the consumers. Light color, it stays in a liquid state for a long time, acacia honey has a sweet and delicate taste. It is recommended to sweeten every kind of drink, yoghurt, or combined with blue cheese.

Apicoltura Le Querce


Among the rarest honey we can find the Arbutus one, produced on Sardinia and Corsica islands. The production period (late autumn) causes its difficult harvesting; it has a flavor and an aroma hard to forget: bitter and astringent, it is a gourmet honey. To be consumed as presented or combined with sweet and fat cheese.