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Frantoio Sant'Agata di Oneglia

Ligurian Sauce

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A good and ready-made sauce, just to be heated. Made with fresh Italian tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil, perfect for seasoning first courses with imagination.

Ingredients: Italian tomato 80%, extra virgin olive oil 6%, onion, basil 5%, sugar, salt, garlic.

180 g


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Frantoio Sant'Agata di Oneglia
Walnut Sauce


The Walnut Sauce from the Santa Rita di Oneglia oil mill expresses the essence of the Ligurian gastronomic tradition. It is a condiment produced without the use of colors or preservatives, to preserve the true nature of the precious raw materials used in processing. Inside the Walnut Sauce, the unmistakable flavor of extra virgin olive oil is combined with the intense flavor of the walnuts themselves, Parmesan cheese, pine nuts and aromatic herbs. A real Ligurian touch for the tastiest recipes.

Frantoi Cutrera
Tomato Sauce with fried Eggplants


Who better than Segreti di Sicilia can prepare a perfect Norma sauce? Sicilian tomato cooked with Giarratana onion in a low pressure pot, and fried aubergines in extra virgin olive oil Selezione Cutrera: first choice ingredients and traditional recipe.

As soon as you open the jar you will be inebriated by the intense aroma of tomato and the aroma of basil and the velvety texture and slightly spicy flavor will win you over when you taste it.

Use it after a light heat to season all types of dry pasta (penne, paccheri) and fresh pasta (cavati, tagliatelle).

290 g

Frantoi Cutrera
Primo - Sicillian Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP


This extra virgin olive oil obtained from olives of the Tonda Iblea cultivar was declared the best oil in the world in 2010 by the Flos Olei guide and received the 2014 gold medal at the New York International Olive Oil competition.

The olives are harvested by hand and cold pressed within 6 hours of harvesting: an oil with a slightly veiled appearance is born from the pressing. The scent is fruity and fresh, with hints of green tomato and aromatic herbs, while the flavor is full, with persistent herbaceous hints.

Try it on roasted meat and fish but also on soups and bruschetta. Thanks to its intense but balanced flavor it is also excellent on salads and grilled vegetables.

750 cl

Frantoio Sant'Agata di Oneglia
Little Peppers stuffed with Tuna


The recipe based on chillies stuffed with tuna is the most delicious of recipes. Maletti uses round, red and spicy chillies, a filling of tuna, anchovies and capers in olive oil, very tasty products that together form a perfect combination. A balance between sweet, salty and spicy, with a soft and crunchy texture.

The peppers come from the Frantoio di Sant'Agata d'Oneglia, in the province of Imperia, which sells quality and very tasty peppers. The peppers are then stuffed and placed in jars to be pasteurized. Tuna stuffed peppers are an excellent solution both to accompany main courses and as a delicious aperitif.

290 g

Sardines Sicilian Sauce


This excellent Sicilian sauce with sardines is made especially for those who have a cult for the first courses, it is made according to the dictates of the Sicilian culinary tradition and carries within itself all the taste of the sea. Fresh and salted sardines with the decisive touch of fennel and dried tomatoes, the sweetness of passolina and a touch of white wine.

It's adapts to all types of pasta, particularly the short one, better if homemade. It goes well with a second course of fish and a white wine preferably from the Sicilian vineyards. Serve the dish hot and, if you like, sprinkle with pecorino or toasted breadcrumbs.

220 g - ideal for two people 

Frantoio Sant'Agata di Oneglia
Ligurian Pesto without garlic


Extra virgin olive oil, basil and pine nuts: these are the simple ingredients of a sauce capable of expressing the true essence of the Ligurian gastronomic tradition.

Incredibly fragrant and tasty, the pesto from Frantoio di Santa Rita di Oneglia is ideal for seasoning pasta and for making salads more appetizing and bread croutons tastier.

90 g

Pachino Cherry Tomato Ready Sauce


Campisi prepares its preserves in a completely traditional way, following the recipe of Sicilian cuisine, a true expression of the Mediterranean tradition.

The ready Pachino tomato sauce IGP is made with fresh puree of ripe tomatoes from the south-eastern area of ​​Sicily, onion, basil and salt.

A simply good condiment, ready to be used with good artisan pasta or as a base for meat or fish sauces.

330 g - ready in 3 minutes

Frantoi Cutrera
Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil IGP


The extra virgin olive oil IGP from Frantoi Cutrera is ideal for dressing and making classic and imaginative recipes.

It has a full-bodied aroma with a pronounced note of artichoke and a full-bodied flavor, with a very balanced spicy bitterness, has notes of artichoke and oregano.

This extra virgin olive oil is ideal for dressing fish, mushrooms, salads, soups and delicate grilled red meats. It is excellent for cooking any recipe of Mediterranean cuisine.

500 ml

Cherry Tomato and Fennel Sauce


This vegetarian sauce made from vegetables and tomatoes is dressed as a meat sauce with such conviction that it seems almost impossible that there are only vegetables, oil and red wine.

A thick and tasty sauce. Perfect for a pasta dish with friends!

220 g - ideal for two people

Frantoio Sant'Agata di Oneglia
Pitted Taggiasca Olives


Olive Taggiasche già denocciolate, per un aperitivo diverso o per un piatto con un gusto speciale.

Fra le diverse varietà di olive, la Taggiasca è stata portata in Liguria dai monaci provenzali. Il frantoio di Santa Rita di Oneglia, a partire proprio da questa varietà di olive, produce un olio di qualità superiore. Fortunatamente, però, non tutte le olive finiscono sotto la macina: alcune vengono racchiuse in eleganti barattoli, pronte da portare in tavola per un aperitivo speciale o per essere utilizzate in prelibate ricette.

180 g

Frantoio Sant'Agata di Oneglia
Anchovy Fillets


Anchovy fillets spread or rolled with caper in olive oil, salted anchovies according to the ancient tradition for your different dishes: hot and cold salads, for aperitifs, appetizers ... The anchovy paste ready to spread or to add in your recipes . A novelty the Anchovy Fillets in Extra Virgin Olive Oil for the most demanding palates.

80 g