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Le Piantagioni del Caffè

Lagoa do Morro

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Sweet aroma with notes of milk chocolate. Pleasant taste. Smooth and delicate body.

The Brejões, in the southern part of the state of Bahia, on the fazenda Lagoa do Morro, is the area where this Arabica, with its soft and delicate character, is grown and wet processed.

With a sweet aroma and taste, this coffee astonishes with the amazing persistence of its flavour, and its strong cocoa aftertaste.

This coffee has a remarkable aroma, sweet taste, smooth and delicate body.

Its great quality in the cup is characterized by the long lasting finish with hints of dried fruit and almond paste and with sometimes surprisingly flowery notes.

Such an amiable coffee can be enjoyed at any time of day, for example with a pastry-based breakfast. This is a coffee certified by CSC® – Associazione Caffè Speciali Certificati: on each bag you will find a numbered anti-counterfeiting label that guarantees the sole use of CSC certified coffees.



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Le Piantagioni del Caffè
Alto Palomar


Notes of honey, toasted almond and sweet tobacco. Harmonious sweetness.

A triple certified coffee (Organic, Fair Trade and CSC), rich in quality and in history.The Cooperativa Agraria Cafetalera Ecologica Alto Palomar has today about 120 farmers growing coffee according to the strict criteria of the organic farming. The coffee is handpicked and processed on-site in the full respect of the ethnic, social, ethical and environmental values of the cultivation area and of its population.The Fair Trade certification testifies the support given by this coffee to the social development and the local economic viability.Its hints of honey, toasted almond and sweet tobacco go along with a rich body and a delicate acidity. Its cocoa finish will delight you long after the last sip.

Its character makes it ideal for an unblended espresso at any time of day, but it also makes a perfect companion to haute patisserie at breakfast.

Le Piantagioni del Caffè
San Luis & Raigode


Intense aroma with cocoa and spices notes and sandalwood scents. Low acidity and long lasting flavour.

This combination combines the arabica coffee of the Finca San Luis (El Salvador) with the robusta of the Raigode estate (India).The aromatic character, the mild acidity and the general balance of the Salvadorian coffee of San Luis meet the round bodied Indian robusta of the Balehonnur estate. The result is a long lasting spices and cocoa flavoued finish in a smooth bodied coffee.Best enjoyed at breakfast or after opulent meals. Perfect with milk, in particular for cappuccino.

This combination of estate coffees contains only CSC® – Associazione Caffè Speciali Certificati certified coffees: on each bag you will find a numbered anti-counterfeiting label that guarantees the sole use of CSC certified coffees.