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Dark bar 80%

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Trinitario Domori 80% cocoa blend in a 75g tablet. The aromaticity of Domori fine cocoa, with the usual short recipe, in an eco-sustainable flowpack.

Characterized by a clear and decisive aroma with more delicate notes of citrus fruit and white flowers! Excellent to enjoy with a good coffee!

75 g


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Cocoa Mass 100%


Pure cocoa mass and nothing else. One ingredient for endless aromatic nuances, dried fruit, caramel, honey, toast.

Try it for a unique sensory experience: a real joy for the taste buds!

Trinitario cocoa accounts for about 8% of the world harvest. It comes from a hybridization between Criollo and Forastero, combining some aromatic and sensory characteristics of the first with the vigor and high yield of the second.

Tasting notes: the tasting reveals notes of dried fruit, caramel, honey, toast.

Ingredients: Cocoa paste

It may contain traces of milk, soy and nuts. GLUTEN FREE.

75 g