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La Via del Tè

Love Story

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A sweet and romantic blend, perfect to make you dream: green tea with jasmine, Bancha green tea, strawberry pieces and blue cornflower petals are the ingredients.The aroma combines strawberry and lemon in a balanced combination.


Intense yellow
Strawberry and pungent lemon cake
Fruity, light vegetal notes, sweetish and persistent
Gr 2/3 in 200 cc. Of natural mineral water at a temperature of 80. Infusion time 2 minutes
When and how
Perfect in every moment of the day. Pure or with a bit of sugar
Tea pastry, chocolate biscuits

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La Via del Tè
Nero Secret


Sweet blend of Chinese black peach and ginger tea, enriched with ginger root in pieces, petals of elianto and cornflower. Ginger, used in the East by millennia to flavor and stabilize foods, both as a remedy for various ailments, is becoming very popular in Italy.

La Via del Tè
Ceylon Gran Jardin GFOP


Ceylon black tea, grown in "high grown" plantations, ie, located between 1600 and 2000 meters above sea level. Highgrown of Ceylon are appreciated throughout the world for the  intense aroma and for the full body of the infusions. The classic English taste tea. The name Orange pekoe is a term introduced by Dutch quality, Orange to honor the royal family Orange-Nassau, Pekoe is the transliteration from Chinese Pak-ho, a term used to refer to white downy covering the apical buds of tea. Grand Jardin has plenty of white, fine buds and beautiful tiny black leaves.

La Via del Tè
Nero Rose Earl Grey


Darjeeling Indian black tea of excellent yield enriched by the aroma of the essential oil of bergamot from Calabria, perfumed with rose. A classic tea loved and consumed all over the world, a favorite in the Anglo-Saxon countries, in an exciting variation.

La Via del Tè
Black tea Tat'Jana


Inspired by the mixtures in vogue in the second half of the nineteenth century, at the court of the tsar, a fragrant and elegant blend of black teas, orange petals, safflower and lavender with an intense citrus aroma.

La Via del Tè
Golden Yunnan Black Special


Famous  Chinese Gongfu black tea ( Gonfu =orthodox, worked traditionally) , whose original name is Dian Hong Gongfu , whereas Dian mean short and Hong means red tea : Chinese call in fact the black teas, red teas, according to colour of the infusion.Beautiful appearance, with a multitude of golden buds, slightly rolled and coated of tender hairs.In absolutely one of the best tea in China blacks, with a surprising taste appreciated by connoisseurs.

La Via del Tè
Darjeeling Puttabong SFTFOP1


From a high proportion of plantations in Darjeeling Second Flush is the beginning of the summer harvest, between May and June. The leaves are bune, dark and full of clear gems (golden). The plants are hybrids of Camellia Sinensis. The symbol indicates a high quality tea with a rich proportion of buds made ​​from gold processing, Special Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe End, 1 stands for First Choice. One of the tea that best expresses the characteristics of Darjeeling tea.

Copper dark amber reflections

Intense of muscatel, spices

Less astringent, fruity, floral notes

PREPARATION: Gr 2/3 200 cc.of natural mineral water at 90° temperature. Infuse for 3 minutes .

HOW AND WHEN TO DRINK: High tea for breakfast or with pure sugar and a small cloud of latte.Perfetto the afternoon.

FOOD PAIRINGS: Excellent in accompaganamento to spicy dishes, chocolate dessert also supports and sweets.

La Via del Tè


Fine quality black tea, orthodox manufacturing process, fine pluckingof 1 bud and two leaves , a blend from Assam estates.Assam tea region , in northeast India, on the banks of Brahmaputra river, is the home country of Assamese tea variety,discovered by British around 1820 . A classic, full-bodied tea, well known worldwide.The letters stand for : Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe.

La Via del Tè
Té alla Liquirizia


On the basis of a black Chinese tea, black congou, with a soft taste, liquorice root and aromas are added. Glycyrhiza Glabra, liquorice, is appreciated for its known diuretic and purifying properties and for its sweetish taste.

Orange red, amber reflections

Typical of licorice, sweet, intense

Very soft, sweetish.

Gr 2/3 in 200 cc. Of natural mineral water at a temperature of 90 °. Infusion time 3 minutes

Perfect in the afternoon, drink pure or with a little sugar. Well after meal, Liquorice helps digestive functions.

Excellent with all the desserts and dry tea biscuits.

La Via del Tè
Black tea 1961


1961 is a blend of black teas created specifically to celebrate the 50th anniversary of La Via del Tè.An ideal journey between two of the major tea producing countries, India and Ceylon, which sums up the brand's history, giving rise to an intense and aromatic blend of citrus fruit, which reinterprets tradition with contemporary sensitivity and passion.

La Via del Tè
Tè nero White Christmas


Irresistible with biscuits or freshly baked pie on the attack, followed by wood notes, tea-based pastry

Gr 2/3 in 200 cc. Of natural mineral water at a temperature of 90. Infusion time 3-4 min.

Great tea for the afternoon. Drink pure.

To accompany the classic party desserts, excellent with pandoro or panettone.

La Via del Tè
Black tea Shahrazad


A mixture inspired by the beautiful maiden of A Thousand and One Nights, which by winning with her tales the sovereign decided to kill his wives after the wedding night, makes him fall in love and desist from his cruel intent.A mélange of black tea with perfume sweet of summer fruits and pomegranate, symbol of love and rebirth.

La Via del Tè
Royal Breakfast


A gourmet blend : wonderful Chinese black teas from Yunnan, rich of many golden tips, marry the body and the strenght of Assam tea, in a exceptional breakfast tea. Elegent, strong, well- balanced tea."

Deep orange-red, clear .

Malt, cacao notes , light undertones of wood and leather.

Strong, round, full-bodied . Slightly sugared aftertaste.

Gr 2/3 in 200 cc. Of natural mineral water at  90°C . Infusion time:  3-4 minutes.

Breakfast, drink better plain.

Cakes, bread & butter, brunch, English styled breakfast.

La Via del Tè
Té alla Cannella


The base is a broken leaf black tea from India, which ensures to this beverage body and color. It is enriched by pieces of cinnamon bark and strong spicy flavours.

La Via del Tè
Black tea Rajasthan


Blend of Indian black Assam tea and spices (cardamom, cinnamon, pink pepper, etc.) inspired by a traditional recipe of Chai, one of the Indian national drinks. There are a thousand variations for its preparation and for the spices to be added, even if basic cardamom, cinnamon and pepper are never lacking. Strong, sweet and intense, ideal with sugar and milk.

Golden Nepal


High quality tea from plantations considered among the highest in the world, over 2000 meters. Presents characteristics of perfume that make it close to the best Darjeeling.Collection fine (1 gem and two leaves), rich in lighter tippy easily recognizable.A tea that is perfect for those who want a particularly aromatic drink.

La Via del Tè


Famous Chinese  Gonfu black tea (meaning ortodox, traditionally manufactured), wich real name is Ch'imen, from the birthplace mountains.Historically , black teas was known in China but rarely produced until ex Chinese officer Yu Ganchin, perfectioned the Keemun manufacturing process, around 1875, after his visit in India gardens and tea factories. The beautiful tea aroma, known as "Keemun aroma" made the tea won a golden medal at Internation exposhition in Panama , in 1915.It is worlwide appreciated for the mild taste , poor in tannins.

La Via del Tè
Te Chai


Inspired by traditional Indian recipe: the basis is  a full-bodied black tea,enriched by  cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and cardamom. Very fragrant, digestive.Traditionally  in India  there are countless versions of chai tea , each region uses distinctive spices, but two never fail: cinnamon and cardamom.A must."

La Via del Tè
Nero alla Vaniglia


A beloved full-leaf Chinese black tea, of orthodox processing, flavored with natural vanilla aroma. A classic, pleasant always particularly suitable for afternoon tea break.